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The Riders Pod is full of fun features to keep you on the right track.


A personal trainer in your pocket? YES!

Rider specific workouts broken down into categories so you can plan your journey. From whole body, to specific muscle groups, The Riders Pod will assist you to achieve your fitness goals. Every workout has video content to help you learn the exercises and the correct technique. Did we mention fun? All of our workouts are set to be fun, especially our challenges!


Step by step, super simple and delicious recipes in the palm of your hand.
All recipes are dietitian approved and full of nutritious goodness.
From breakfast to lunch, dinner and snacks. We have you covered!


Did someone say an equestrian specific planner?

We did! We designed this planner around the equestrian lifestyle. With specific colour codes to determine important dates like the farrier, dentist, vaccinations, events and spells, you will never forget again. The planner can be viewed in day, month or yearly view to ensure you are covered.

All aspects of The Rider Pod are able to be added to your planner so you can keep track of your great work.


We love goal setting, but we know that hard worked piece of paper we write them all down on tends to get lost!

Our goal setting feature is interactive! Meaning users are able to set goals, track progress, add images and mark achievements.


Tracking your results is a great way to stay motivated, achieve goals and push yourself that little further.

The results feature was designed so riders are able to upload and save their competition results, personal results, fitness journey or anything relevant to result tracking. This feature allows riders to upload results through images and add a detailed description, all stored in a library so you can refer to them at any time.


The Riders Pod has attracted a strong and encouraging community. Riders supporting riders is something we are very passionate about. As a member of The Riders Pod, you have us all behind you supporting you every stride.

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